Year ID Type Title Author
1982-01 01 MS Quantitative Analysis of Induction Motor Performance Improvement by SCR Voltage Control T. Rowan
1983-01 01 MS Automated small signal analysis of AC drives. D. Zinger
1983-02 02 MS Steady state performance of load commutated inverter fed synchronous motor drives. R.S. Colby
1983-03 03 MS Rotor resistance identification in the field oriented control of a squirrel cage induction motor. T. Matsuo
1983-04 04 MS Current control of VSI-PWM inverters. D. Brod
1984-01 01 MS Modelling deep bar effects in induction machines. W. Creer
1984-02 02 MS Steady state performance of electronically self-excited induction machines W. Hunt
1984-03 03 MS The influence of motor parameter deviations in feedforward field orientation drive system K. Nordin
1984-04 04 PhD Induction machine phase balancing by unsymmetrical voltage control. E. Muljadi
1984-05 05 MS Use of Stator Winding Taps for Flux Sensing in Induction Machines K.C. Chang
1985-02 02 MS A single phase induction motor voltage controller with improved performance. J. Law
1985-03 03 MS A digital implementation of feedforward field-oriented control. J. Loehrke
1985-04 04 PhD Optimal efficiency control of induction machines. D. Kirschen
1985-05 05 PhD Analysis of naturally sampled current regulated pulse-width modulated inverters. T. Rowan
1985-06 06 PhD Damping of subsynchronous resonance using a load commutated inverter synchronous motor drive. H. Soebagio
1985-07 07 PhD An automated parameter measurement scheme for indirect field oriented induction machines drive systems. C.G. Wang
1985-08 08 MS Design of Tubular Linear Induction Machines for Variable Frequency Operation J.P. Hoffman
1986-01 01 MS Modeling and simulation of synchronous machine with auxilliary two phase excitation windings. L. Xu
1986-02 02 MS Single phase induction motor with an electronically controlled capacitor. T. Lettenmaier
1986-03 03 MS Tachometerless control of a permanent magnet DC motor using the back EMF approach. D. Kaiser
1986-04 04 PhD Application of an extended kalman filter to induction machine parameter estimation. L.C. Zai
1986-05 05 MS Pseudo resonant DC/DC converter. O. Patterson
1987-01 01 PhD High frequency link power conversion system. P. Sood
1987-02 02 MS Simulation and Design of a Singly Excited Electromagnetic Actuator Using Magnetic Equivalent Circuits P.L. Jansen
1987-03 03 PhD Efficient high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor drives. R.S. Colby
1987-04 04 MS An analysis of double stator induction machines: the Khartli and the Owen-Doe machines. M.S. Kramer
1987-05 05 PhD Saturation effects in alternating current electric machines. J.O. Ojo
1987-06 06 PhD Design considerations for salient pole, permanent magnet synchronous motors in variable speed drive applications. R. Schiferl
1987-07 07 PhD Series compensated PWM inverter with battery supply applied to an isolated induction generator. E. Muljadi
1987-08 08 MS Spectral analysis using Z-transform estimation techniques. R.A. Cook
1987-09 09 MS Delta modulation strategies for resonant link inverters. M. Kheraluwala
1988-01 01 PhD Induction Motor Speed Control Using Tapped Stator Windings D.S. Zinger
1988-02 02 MS Protection Methods for Diode Bridge Faults Abroad the Dash8 Locomotive K. Lam
1989-01 01 MS Realization of high power active filter networks. B.S. Acharya
1989-02 02 MS A new power electronic simulation. L.M. Rausch
1989-03 03 PhD Discrete pulse control of AC/DC/AC converters for minimizing reactive elements. T.G. Habetler
1989-04 04 MS A novel axial field permanent magnet machine using amorphous iron. C.C. Jensen
1989-05 05 MS Simulation of a self-excited single-phase salient pole synchronous generator with asymmetric stator windings W.B. Dittman
1989-06 06 PhD Techniques for studying static switching circuits. L.J. Bohmann
1989-07 07 MS Current control on a superconducting High Voltage DC mesh B.K. Johnson
1989-08 08 PhD Efficiency Optimized Flux Trajectories for Closed Cycle Operation of Field Oriented Induction Machine Drives S.M. Yang
1990-01 01 MS Analysis and control of a self excited induction generator in a wind driven irrigation pump. D. Wolfson
1990-02 02 MS A slip gain error model - based correction scheme of near-deadbeat response for indirect field orientation. K.T. Hung
1990-03 03 MS Application of closed loop non-linear observers for position detection on induction motors using the induced spatial harmonic EMF in the machine voltages and currents. R.M. Cuzner
1990-04 04 MS Input current shaping in inverters driving brushless DC motors. J. Skinner
1990-05 05 PhD Design and evaluation of a converter optimized synchronous reluctance motor drive. L. Xu
1990-06 06 PhD High frequency series resonant DC link power conversion system. P. Caldeira
1990-07 07 MS The series resonant DC link utilized as a conditioning system for a superconductive magnetic energy storage system. K.W. Marschke
1990-08 08 PhD A study of saturation harmonics with applications in induction motor drives. J.C. Moreira
1990-09 09 MS A novel single-phase to three phase converter. J.W. Nesbitt
1990-10 10 PhD Stator Flux Orientation A Robust Control Technique for Induction Machines X. Xu
1990-11 11 MS A New Type of Converter for the Switched Reluctance Machines A. Hava
1990-12 12 MS The enhancement of the EMPT TACS. J. Zhou
1990-13 13 MS Power conditioning system for superconductive magnetic energy storage system. S. Jalali
1991-01 01 PhD Analysis of concentrated winding induction and reluctance machines for adjustable speed drives. H.A. Toliyat
1991-02 02 MS A DC/DC converter for a dual voltage automotive system. H.L. Wiegman
1991-03 03 PhD Acceleration feedback implemented through the utilization of an observer as applied to a robotic manipulation. P. Schmidt
1991-04 04 MS Implementation of a DSP-based acceleration feedback robot controller. M.H. Moatemri
1991-05 05 PhD High-power high-frequency DC to DC converters. M.H. Kheraluwala
1991-06 06 MS High frequency time harmonic losses in induction motors. D. Maly
1991-07 07 MS A non-linear observer for position and velocity estimation using a spatial electromagenetic model for a transverse flux induction machine. B. Werner
1991-08 08 MS Design and implementation of neural networks for digital current regulation of inverter drives. M. Buhl
1991-09 09 MS Digital Computer Simuation of SD60 Locomotive Including AR11 Traction Alternator, Bridge Rectifiers, Contactor and DC Motors M.M. Rahimian
1991-10 10 PhD Modeling of Field Regulated Reluctance Machines J. Law
1991-11 11 MS Computer Control of Chopper and Voltage Source Inverter for Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage Ka-Shu Ko
1991-12 12 MS Field Orientation Control of an Induction Machine Using Third Harmonic Voltage for Flux Estimation B. Singh
1991-13 13 MS High Speed, High Precision, Measurement Techniques for Ferrous Material part position alignment. C. Goshaw
1991-14 14 MS Measurement and analysis of synchronous motor starting torque H. R. Gillard
1992-01 01 PhD The design and control of superconducting LVDC transmission systems. B.K. Johnson
1992-02 02 MS Analysis and design of high frequency co-axial winding power transformers M. Rauls
1992-03 03 PhD The design and implementation of a passive clamp resonant DC link inverter for high power applications. G. Skibinski
1992-04 04 PhD Design and performance evaluation of a new class of permanent magnet motors with doubly salient structure. Y. Liao
1992-05 05 MS Maximizing dynamic torque per ampere in induction machines I. Wallace
1992-06 06 PhD Resonant link converters. G. Venkataramanan
1992-07 07 PhD A real-time error correction system for boring processes with opto-electronic sensing. P.P. Dai
1992-08 08 PhD An acceleration state observer for permanent magnet DC motors. M. Cooper
1992-09 09 MS Experimental identification of friction and its compensation in precise, position controlled mechanisms. C. Johnson
1992-10 10 PhD Design of induction angular acceleration sensors for dynamic response, linearity, and minimum harmonic noise. J. Boomgaarden
1992-11 11 MS High Frequency Series Resonant DC Link Power Converter with Single Link Inductor and Resonant Line Capacitor S. Repplinger
1993-01 01 PhD New variable reluctance motors utilizing an auxiliary commutation winding. F. Liang
1993-02 02 PhD Control method for improved reliability of a current regulated induction motor drive with field orientation. J.R. Fu
1993-03 03 MS A new resonant power converter for variable reluctance machine drives J.B. Wacknov
1993-04 04 PhD A new SCR based alternating current motor drive with wide speed range. H.L. Hess
1993-05 05 MS Loss calculation in snubbers for three-level inverters. H. Cherradi
1993-06 06 PhD Harmonics and instabilities in thyristor based switching circuits. S.G. Jalali
1993-07 07 MS A nonlinear model of an auxiliary commutated variable reluctance machine utilizing magnetic circuits. J.M. Brozek
1993-08 08 PhD Feasibility study of an isolated induction motor/induction generator power conversion system based upon a 20 kHz parallel reasonant ac link I. Alan
1993-09 09 MS IGBT characterization and its impact on soft switching inverter design. A. Kurnia
1993-10 10 MS A study of the three and five-level NPC inverters acting as static condensators C.E. Martensson
1993-11 11 MS Position and Velocity Estimation of Permanent Magnet Synchoronous Motors Using Terminal Measurements M.J. Corley
1993-12 12 MS A new approach to motor condition monitoring in induction motor drives. S. CHen
1993-13 13 MS A Performance Model for a High Pole Number, Buried Permanent Magnet Alternator M.W. Degner
1994-01 01 MS A doubly salient doubly excited variable reluctance motor H.Y. Li
1994-02 02 MS Modeling and applications of radial forces in induction machines M.O.E. Mohamed
1994-03 03 MS Field weakening operation of a doubly salient permanent magnet machine A.J. Shakal
1994-05 05 PhD Cost-effective topologies for single-phase line-conditioning and single-phase to three-phase conversion for motor drives C. Chen
1994-06 06 MS Physical parameter estimation for a field oriented induction machine D.E. Borgard
1994-07 07 PhD Design and control of a synchronous reluctance motor drive T. Matsuo
1994-08 08 MS Laboratory and test automation S.A. Orth
1994-09 09 PhD The integration of state estimation, control, and design for induction machines P.L. Jansen
1994-10 10 MS A sensorless moving coil actuator motion control system K. Ousdigian
1994-11 11 MS Coordinated Motion Control of Multi Axis Machines via Electronic Line-Shafting R.G. Anderson
1994-12 12 MS Contactless Power Delivery System for Underwater Applications B. Heeres
1995-01 01 MS Evaluation of Self-Heating on the Performanceof Deep Submicron Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) CMOS Devices D.A. Dallman
1995-02 02 PhD Control Methodologies for Single Inverter, Dual Induction Motor Drives for Electric Vehicles P.M. Kelecy
1995-03 03 MS Current Control of a 3-Level Rectifier/Inverter Drive System M.C. Klabunde
1995-04 04 MS Utilization of Third Harmonic Voltages in DC Power Generation A. Munoz-Garcia
1995-05 05 PhD An Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System N.H. Kutkut
1995-06 06 MS General Equivalent Circuit of Multi-Winding Co-Axial Pair Transformers C. Sun
1995-07 07 PhD Analysis and Comparison of Series Resonant DC Current Link Converters M.T. Aydemir
1995-08 08 PhD Vector Space Decomposition Modeling and Control of Multiphase Induction Machines Y. Zhao
1995-09 09 PhD Bearing Current, EMI and Soft Switching in Induction Motor Drives - A Systematic Analysis, Design and Evaluation S. Chen
1995-10 10 PhD Distributed Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems M.C. Chandorkar
1995-11 11 PhD Design and Control of a New Class of Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Machines Y. Li
1995-13 13 PhD Analysis and Design of a Coaxial Winding Transformer Interface for an Electric Vehicle Charging System K. Klontz
1996-01 01 PhD Motion controls for a multi-unit TFLIM-based transfer system L.J. Li
1996-02 02 MS Active Dancer Control for Web Handling Machines G. Rajala
1996-03 03 MS Active, Observer-Based Damping of the Tube Scanner for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy S. Walker
1996-05 05 PhD Motion and Motor Control Using Structured Neural Networks D.R. Seidl
1996-06 06 MS Reluctance Motor Control for Fault-Tolerant Capability D. Qin
1996-07 07 MS Application-Specific Performance Evaluation of Power Semiconductor Devices M. Trivedi
1997-01 01 PhD A Wide Speed Range Induction Motor Drive Based on Electronic Pole Changing M.O.E. Mohamed
1997-02 02 PhD Investigation of Multi-level Inverter Concepts Applied to Regulation of Power System Voltages Including Imbalance C.G. Hochgraf
1997-03 03 PhD Design and Control of Dual Stator Two Phase Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet Motor X. Luo
1997-04 04 PhD Two Innovative Bi-directional Solid-State AC Switche H.H. Li
1997-05 05 MS A Peak Power Tracker for Small Wind Turbines in Battery Charging Applications A. DeBroe
1997-06 06 MS Field Oriented Control of a Single Inverter, Dual, Parallel Induction Machine Traction Drive for Electric Vehicles C.R. Winterhalter
1997-07 07 PhD Analysis, Modeling and Control of Three-Phase, Four-Wire Sine Wave Inverter Systems M.J. Ryan
1997-08 08 PhD Voltage Control of SEIG Using a Continuously Controlled Capacitor M.A. Al-Saffar
1997-09 09 MS Flux Position Estimation in Machines with Multiple Saturation Regions N. Tice
1997-10 10 PhD Active Common Mode Voltage Reduction in Voltage Source Inverters A.L. Julian
1997-11 11 MS Rule-Based Control of an IC Engine Driven Electric Generator System J.A. Putman
1997-12 12 MS Analysis and Design of a Passively Clamped Quasi Resonant Voltage Source Inverter Metin Aydin
1997-13 13 MS Simulation of Transient Voltage Distribution in Feeder Cables and Randomly Wound Machine Windings D. Hypio
1997-14 14 MS IMSP --- A MATLAB Based Induction Machine Simulation Program W. Ma
1998-01 01 PhD Input-Output Harmonic Elimination of the PWM Boost Type Rectifier Under Unbalanced Operating Conditions A. Stankovic
1998-02 02 PhD Design and Control of Four Level Inverters for Drive Applications G. Sinha
1998-03 03 MS Digital Multivariable Controller for Engine Generator Systems K. Jaeger
1998-04 04 PhD Flux, Position, and Velocity Estimation in AC Machines Using Carrier Signal Injection M.W. Degner
1998-05 05 MS The Design and Implementation of a Modified Single Phase Inverter Topology with Active Cancellation of Common Mode Voltage A. Rao
1998-06 06 MS Electrostatic Actuator Modeling for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy P. Sriyotha
1998-07 07 PhD Voltage-Source Inverter Options for Medium-Voltage Induction Motor Drives Using High-Voltage IGBTs W.E. Brumsickle
1998-08 08 PhD Current Stiff Converter Topologies with Resonant Snubbers B.J. Cardoso Filho
1998-09 09 PhD Carrier Based PWM-VSI Drives in the Overmodulation Region A.M. Hava
1998-10 10 PhD Complex Rotating Vector Analysis and Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor N.J. Nagel
1998-11 11 MS Online Estimation of Induction Machine Electromagnetic Torque and Load Torque W. Liu
1998-12 12 MS A Continuation Method to Determine Alternate Load Flow Solutions H. Kannan
1998-13 13 MS Slotless PM Brushless Motors F.D. Kieferndorf
1998-14 14 MS Position Estimation in PM Synchronous Machines using Single Saliency-Tracking, Self-Sensing Methods F. Phlippen
1999-01 01 PhD Design and Analysis of a Novel Doubly-Salient Permanent Magnet Generator B. Sarlioglu
1999-02 02 PhD A Nonlinear Observer for Instantaneous Internal Combustion Engine Crankshaft Torque and Active Torque Smoothing Control Using a Crankshaft Mounted Electric Motor R.I. Davis
1999-03 03 MS Performance Improvement of Half Controlled Three Phase PWM Boost Rectifier J. Kikuchi
1999-04 04 MS The Design and Control of LVDC Industrial Power Distribution Systems W. Tang
1999-05 05 PhD Use of Dominant Harmonic Active Filters in High Power Applications P.T. Cheng
1999-06 06 MS An Adaptive Airgap Torque Observer for Induction Machine Drives H. Kim
1999-07 07 PhD Analysis and Control of a Dual Stator Winding Squirrel Cage Induction Machine Drive A.R. Munoz-Garcia
1999-08 08 PhD Topologies, Analysis, Controls and Generalization in H-Bridge Multilevel Power Conversion M.D. Manjrekar
1999-09 09 PhD Axial Flux Circumferential Current Permanent Magnet Electric Machines J. Luo
1999-10 10 PhD Active Gate Drive Circuits for IGBTs J. Vinod
1999-11 11 MS Spatial Modeling and State Estimation of a Universal Motor M. Harke
1999-12 12 PhD Battery State Estimation and Control for Power Buffering Applications H.L.N. Wiegman
1999-13 13 MS The Transducerless Torque-Controlled Unbalanced Two-Phase Induction Motor Drive M.C. Sevey
1999-14 14 MS A Physics Based Approach to Cross Direction Basis Weight Control M.G. Dollevoet
1999-15 15 MS Building a Sensorless Control System for an Induction Machine Using a DSP Control Unit S. Ovrebo
2000-01 01 MS Harmonic Instability in Single Phase Static Var Compensator: Using Matlab Program J.H. Ko
2000-02 02 PhD Modeling and Estimation by Structured Neural Networks for CNC Machine Tools M. Dolen
2000-03 03 MS New Techniques for Induction Machines Electrical Parameters Identification P.Y. Chung
2000-04 04 MS High Performance Drive Test Bed Development E. Carter
2000-05 05 MS Dual AC-Drive Test Bed Development E. Ledezma
2000-06 06 PhD Development of a Spiral Magnet Machine Employing the Torque Magnification Principle D. Qin
2000-07 07 MS Web Edge Detection with Linear Arrays and Optics J. Sorebo
2000-08 08 MS Characterization of the Colombian Power System From the Voltage Stability Point of View E. Cardona
2001-01 01 PhD Study of Stochastic Optimal Power Flow T. Yong
2001-02 02 PhD Deadbeat Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines Using Self-Sensing at Low and Zero Speed B.H. Kenny
2001-03 03 MS Low-Cost Integrated Motor Drives for Automotive Accessory Applications N. Harris
2001-04 04 MS Experimental low-cost bi-phase induction motor drive for a washing machine application D.G. Oteman
2001-05 05 MS Nine-Phase Generator Fault Study A. Windhorn
2001-06 06 MS PWM Implementation with FPGA O. Zhang
2002-01 01 PhD Torque Density Improvement in a Six-Phase Induction Motor with Third Harmonic Current Injection R. Lyra
2002-02 02 PhD Development of the Consequent Pole Permanent Magnet Machine J.A. Tapia
2002-03 03 PhD Design, Analysis, and Drive of Dual-Rotor, Radial-Flux, Toroidally-Wound, Surface-Mounted-PM Machines R. Qu
2002-04 04 MS Implementation and Evaluation of an Amplitude-Based Self-Sensing Torque Control for Induction Machines C. Giebeler
2002-07 07 PhD Modeling and Design of Filter Networks for High Power Converters Utilizing Fast Hard Switching Devices A.F. Moreira
2002-08 08 MS Voltage Constraints Approach In a Power Market Model L.J. Zuluaga Lopez
2002-09 09 PhD Low-Cost Current-Fed PMSM Drive System with Sinusoidal Input Currents V. Nedic
2002-10 10 PhD Analysis and Control of Three Phase AC-DC PWM Boost-Buck and Buck-Boost Bidirectional Power Converters J. Kikuchi
2002-11 11 MS Investigations on Parallel Operation and Thermal Analysis of Switching Power Semiconductor Devices J.J. Nelson
2002-12 12 MS Active Thermal Control of Power Electronic Modules D.A. Murdock
2003-01 01 MS Finite Element Analysis of Saturation-Induced Saliencies I. Brown
2003-02 02 PhD Modeling of Topologies, Modulation, and Control of Stacked DC Bus Multi Level Converters A. Bendre
2003-03 03 MS Modulation and Control of a Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-level Converter System Y. Fukuta
2003-04 04 PhD Adjustable Voltage Link PWM Induction Motor Drives F. Kieferndorf
2003-05 05 MS Using Compact Piezoelectric Transformers to Isolate Integrated Phase Leg Shunt Current Sensors Y. Xu
2003-06 06 MS A Three Phase Inverter Driven Asymmetrical Two-Phase Induction Motor for HVAC Applications J. Krase
2003-07 07 MS Integration of Giant Magnetoresistive Current and Temperature Sensors in Power Electronic Modules E. Olson
2003-08 08 MS Bricks-&-Buses: A Comprehensive Framework for Power Converter Realization P. Flannery
2003-09 09 MS A Real-Time Digital Controller with Re-Configurable Analog and Logic Subsystems V.S. Srinivasan
2003-10 10 MS A Motor Based DC-Link Inductor Design for a PMSM Drive System W. Ouyang
2003-11 11 PhD The Development of Matrix Converters with Reduced Number of Switches L. Wei
2003-12 12 PhD Contributions to the Reduced Cost and Increased Reliability of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives B. Welchko
2003-13 13 PhD High Power Active Filter Systems S. Bhattacharya
2004-01 01 PhD Analysis and Control of Three Phase AC/DC PWM Converter Under Unbalanced Operating Conditions Y. Suh
2004-02 02 PhD Axial Flux Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Disk Motors for Smooth Torque Traction Drive Applications M. Aydin
2004-03 03 MS Actuator Design with Electroactive Polymer R. Tang
2004-04 04 PhD On-Line Parameter Estimation, Current Regulation, and Self-Sensing for IPM Synchronous Machine Drives H. Kim
2004-05 05 MS Digital Controller for Unity Power Factor AC/DC Converter Using Programmable System on Chip D. Sachdev
2004-06 06 MS B4 Topology Options for Operating Three Phase Induction Machines on Single Phase Grids T. Bashaw
2004-07 07 PhD A Systematic Approach to Optimized Design of Permanent Magnet Motors with Reduced Torque Pulsations D. Zarko
2004-08 08 PhD Current Regulation of Three-Phase AC Loads with Integrated Pilot Sensors in the Low Side Switches S. Chakrabarti
2004-09 09 MS Analysis and Simulation of a Linear Reluctance Force Motor D. Farnia
2004-10 10 PhD An Augmented Phase-Lag Configuration (APLC) with Shoot-through Immunity for Insulated Gate Power Switches S. Park
2004-11 11 MS Active Tj and Delta Tj Control of Power Electronics J. Connors
2004-12 12 PhD A New Force-Commutated Durrent Source Inverter E.L. Benedict
2004-13 13 MS Hybrid System Modeling Using Modelica and Dymola with Applications to Power System Y. Chan
2005-01 01 MS Active Relative Temperature Control of Paralleled Power Electronic Modules Using the Bus as a Communication Channel A. Nahar
2005-02 02 PhD Vector Control of PWM VSI Based Distributed Resources in a Microgrid M.S. Illindala
2005-03 03 MS Active EMI Filtering for DC-DC Converters N.B. Mortensen
2005-04 04 PhD Phase Current Reconstruction and Regulation for Three-Phase AC Motor Drives Using DC-Link Single Current Sensor and Measurement Voltage Vectors H. Kim
2005-05 05 MS Hardware and Human Interface Software for the New Electric Machines & Drives Lab Test Benches S. Adiga Manoor
2005-06 06 MS Dynamics of Distributed Generation Systems K.R. Kumaraswamy
2005-07 07 MS A Matrix Conferter DC and BLDC Drive S. Bala
2005-08 08 PhD Dynamic Torque Estimation in a Sensor Limited Environment T.R. Tesch
2005-09 09 MS Integrated Electromagnetic and Electrothermal Analysis for Improved Design of Actuators/Motors with Soft Magnetic Composite Cores D. Luedtke
2005-10 10 MS Four Level Inverters -- An Approach to Mitigate the Mid-Capacitor Voltage Instability K. Facchini
2005-11 11 MS Robust Control of Modular Surface Permanent Magnet Machines F. Bierbaum
2005-12 12 PhD Microgrid Control P. Piagi
2005-13 13 PhD High Speed Operation of Permanent Magnet Machines A.M. El-Refaie
2006-01 01 MS Fault Tolerant Four Phase Motor Drive N. Lemberg
2006-02 02 PhD Eddy-Current Losses in the Sleeves of High Speed Synchronous Permanent Magnet Machines D.M. Saban
2006-03 03 MS Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Electric Bicycles Y. Tan
2006-04 04 MS Current Source Converter For High Power Wind Turbine Applications Capable Of Reactive Power Generation A.A. Rockhill
2006-05 05 PhD Design of Integrated Current and Temperature Sensors in Power Electronic Modules Using GMR Point-Field Detectors E.R. Olson
2006-06 06 MS Design of a 6/4 Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for a Compressor Application J.H. Baek
2006-07 07 MS Effective Real Time Implementation of Deadbeat Direct Torque Control for AC Induction Machines N.T. West
2006-08 08 PhD An Investigation into the use of Electrodynamic Wheels for High-Speed Ground Transportation J. Bird
2006-09 09 PhD Fundamental Sensing Issues in Motor Control M.C. Harke
2006-10 10 PhD Flywheel Based AC Power Conditioning System Using a Matrix Converter B. Wang
2007-01 01 MS Ocean Wave Energy Converters: Overview, Legal and Economic Aspects, and Direct-Drive Power Take-Off J.G. Vining
2007-02 02 MS On the Modeling of the Electromagnetic Rotor Losses of Surface Permanent Magnet Machines D.D Tremelling
2007-03 03 MS Strain Analysis in Silicon Power Devices for the Advancement of Active Thermal-Mechanical Control Techniques M.L. Spencer
2007-04 04 MS Integration of Control Software and Numerical Analysis for an Electrical Machines and Drives Teaching Studio K.J. Anderson
2007-07 07 PhD AC Link Load Flow Control in Electric Power Systems F. Mancilla-David
2007-08 08 PhD Modular Permanent Magnet Machine Drive System with Fault Tolerant Capability W. Ouyang
2007-09 09 MS Control Design of an MRI Gradient Driver Power Supply with an Underdamped Input Filter R.S. Schneider
2007-10 10 PhD Front End Diode Rectifier Matrix Converter. K.H. Shin
2008-01 01 MS Modeling of Battery-Charging Wind Turbines J. Reed
2008-02 02 PhD Power Quality Analysis and New Harmonic and Unbalance Control of Modern Adjustable Speed Drives or Uninterruptible Power Systems Under Nonideal Operating Conditions K. Lee
2008-03 03 MS Robust Control of Integrated Modular Motor Drive P.E. Schneider
2008-04 04 MS Robustness Analysis and Evaluation of Deadbeat, Direct Torque and Flux Control for Induction Machines B.E. Heinbokel
2008-05 05 MS Efficient, Wireless, Kilowatt Level Power Transfer via Medium Frequency, Inductively Coupled Resonating Devices over Sub-Meter Distances T.M. Thul
2008-06 06 MS Degradation of Dynamic Stiffness at Low Speeds When Using Back-emf Tracking for Closed Loop Speed Control R.W. Hejny
2008-07 07 MS Induction Heating Of Thin-Walled Metallic Cylinders D.C. Ludois
2008-08 08 MS Multi-Drive Control Challenges for Electronic Line Shafting Implementation C.M. Wolf
2008-09 09 MS Development of a Demonstrator Model of an Integrated Modular Motor Drive B.J. Sykora
2008-10 10 PhD Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbines with Series Grid Side Converter for Robust Voltage SAG Ride-through P.S. Flannery
2008-11 11 PhD Integration of Single-phase Microgrids S. Bala
2008-12 12 PhD On the Modeling and Control of Wound Field Synchronous Machine based Gensets for Operation in a Microgrid Environment S. Krishnamurthy
2008-13 13 PhD Sensorless Control of Switched Reluctance Drives Using High Frequency Signal Injection E. Kayikci
2008-14 14 PhD 3-D Circuit Modeling to Enhance Extraction of Junction Temperature Information from Converter Output Ringing M. Walters
2008-15 15 PhD Discrete-Time Modeling, Control and Signal Processing for AC Drives and Motion Servo System Diagnostics K. Huh
2008-16 16 MS Novel Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Power Conversion and Self-Sensing Control S. Xue
2009-01 01 PhD Design Rules for Induction Machine Self-Sensing I.P. Brown
2009-02 02 PhD Squirrel Cage Induction Machines in Distributed Generation and Microgrids S. Fredette
2009-03 03 MS Integration of Finite Element Analysis in Electric Machines and Drives Teaching Studi N. Tapadia
2009-04 04 MS Phase Locked Loop Control of Inverters in a Microgri M. Surprenant
2009-05 05 MS Deadbeat Direct Torque & Flux Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines J. Lee
2009-06 06 MS Measurement of Thermal-Mechanical Wirebond Displacement in Electrically Active Power Semiconductors S.M. Avery
2009-07 07 MS Loss Manipulation using Deadbeat-Direct Torque & Flux Control for Induction Machines J.M. Burton
2009-08 08 MS Integration of battery-based energy storage element in the CERTS microgrid M.J. Erickson
2009-09 09 PhD On the Design and Analysis of a Printed Circuit Board in a High Speed Surface Permanent Magnet Axial Flux Machine D.D. Tremelling
2009-10 10 PhD Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines Terminal Attributes for Self-Sensing and Automatic Identification D. Raca
2009-11 11 MS The Applications of Dual-Half-Controlled-Converter Y. Wang
2009-12 12 MS Design and Implementation of a Low Cost Scheme to Start and Drive a U-core Single-phase Permanent Magnet Motor D. Pan
2009-13 13 MS Field Intensifying Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Power Conversion and Self-Sensing Control N. Limsuwan
2010-01 01 PhD Stator Side Voltage Regulation of Permanent Magnet AC Generators N Clements
2010-02 02 MS Deadbeat-Direct Torque & Flux Control Motor Drive over a Wide Speed, Torque and Flux Operating Space using a Single Control Law T Oberman
2010-03 03 PhD Reduction of Core Losses and Torque Ripple in Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines S. Han
2010-04 04 MS Effect of current Dynamics on Li-ion Cell Capacity and Impedance A. Anders
2010-05 05 MS A Smart Grid Approach to Simultaneous Management of Renewable Resources and Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles M. Mallette
2010-06 06 MS Online Battery Monitoring for State-of-Charge and Power Capability Prediction L.W. Juang
2010-07 07 PhD Losses In High Speed Fractional Slot Concentrated Winding Surface Permanent Magnet Machines P. B. Reddy
2011-01 01 MS Development of a Flexible Test Stand to Evaluate E-drive-based Kinematic Error Estimation Techniques K. M. Hanson
2011-02 02 MS Islanding detection Methods for Microgrids J. Lee
2011-03 03 PhD Position Sensing of Surface Permanent Magnet Machine using High Frequency Signal Injection S. Yang
2011-04 04 PhD A Doubly-Fed Linear Generation For Ocean Wave Energy Conversion J. Vining
2011-05 05 MS Evaluation of Dynamic Trajectories for Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control (DB-DTFC) during Voltage Limited Operation Z.D. Hurst
2011-06 06 PhD Using the Motor Drive as a Sensor to Extract Spatial Domain Information C.M. Wolf
2011-07 07 MS Dynamic Modeling of Losses in Electric Machines for Active Loss Control F.F. Quattrone
2011-08 08 PhD Integration of Field Sensing in Power Semiconductor Modules for Current Sensing P.E. Schneider
2011-09 09 PhD On Modeling and Design of Factional-slot Concentrated-winding Interior Permanent Magnet Machine J. Tangudu
2011-10 10 PhD Performance Improvements and Applications of Half-controlled-converters Y. Wang
2011-11 11 PhD Wind Farms with DC Collection Networks Using Bridge of Bridge Multilevel Converters D. Ludois
2011-12 12 MS Electromechanical Modeling and Analysis of a Corbin Sparrow Electric Vehicle using On the Road Data P.J. Kollmeyer
2011-13 13 MS Interconnect Design for Reliability and Point-Field Detector Based Current Sensor Integration J.D. Hoffman
2011-14 14 MS Investigation of Rotor Demagnetization Characteristics and Susceptibility Reduction Techniques for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines J. McFarland
2012-01 01 MS Design of Tube-based Blades and Aluminum-foil-wound Coils for Human Scale Wind Turbines P. Melendez-Vega
2012-02 02 PhD On the Modeling and Control of High Phase Order Synchronous Machines A. Rockhill
2012-03 03 MS Loss Minimizing Flux Trajectories for Repetitive Known Cyclical Loading in Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control (DB-DTFC) Induction Machine Drives B.F. Bradley
2012-04 04 MS Single Sensor Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive based on Luenberger Style-Observers B.E. Hafez
2012-05 05 PhD Improved Power Control of Inverter Sources in Mixed-Source Microgrids M.J. Erickson
2012-06 06 PhD On Series Compensation of Open-Winding Permanent Magnet Machines D. Pan
2012-07 07 MS Investigation of High Voltage DC-to-DC Converters from the Perspective of Loss Minimization, Robustness, and Power Density C. Wang
2013-01 01 MS Investigation of Motor Drive-Based Gear Train Fault Detection during Variable Speed Operation of Geared Motor Actuators C.W. Secrest
2013-02 02 MS Design Space in the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Parameter Plane for Variable Flux Machines B.S. Gagas
2013-03 03 MS High Efficiency, MHz Frequency, Resonant Converters for Sub-meter (30cm) Distance Wireless Power Transfer R.J. Calder
2013-04 04 MS Using Loss Location and Loss Magnitude Manipulation for Tuning of Field Oriented Induction Machine Drives M.B. Kringle
2013-05 05 MS Online Parameter Estimation for Surface Permanent Magnet Machines A.N. Ghule
2013-06 06 MS Sensing Power MOSFET Junction Temperature Using Circuit Output Ringing Decay H. Niu
2013-07 07 PhD Development of a Variable-Speed Electric Drive for Permanent-Split Capacitor Motors K.J. Anderson
2013-08 08 PhD Current Source Converters in Discontinuous Conduction Modes of Operation R.M. Cuzner
2013-09 09 MS PV balancers: concept, architectures, and realization H. Zhou
2013-10 10 MS Matrix transformers for renewable energy integration J. Wang
2013-11 11 PhD Design Methodologies for Low Flux Density, High Efficiency, kW Level Wireless Power Transfer Systems with Large Air Gaps S. Lee
2013-12 12 PhD Voltage- and Current- Limited Operation of Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines J.S. Lee
2013-13 13 PhD Dynamic Loss Modeling for Loss Minimizing Control of IPMSM using DB-DTFC not Operating in Voltage or Current Limits W. Xu
2013-14 14 MS Dynamics and Vector Control of Wound-Rotor Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Machines for Wind Turbine Applications Z. Du
2013-15 15 MS Design and Analysis of a High Frequency Resonant SEPIC Bidirectional Converter and the Associated Battery Modeling for Battery Equalization Applications T.J. Florencki
2013-16 16 MS Distributed Power Conversion Architecture for Microgrids and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources J. Zhao
2013-17 17 MS Implementation and Evaluation of Inverter Loss Modeling as Part of DB-DTFC for Loss Minimization Each Switching Period M. Saur
2013-18 18 PhD Concurrent Design of FI-IPM Machines for Self-Sensing and Electromechanical Power Conversion N. Limsuwan
2014-01 01 PhD Impedance Matching Based Stability Criteria For AC Microgrids P.A. Mendoza-Araya
2014-02 02 PhD Variable Flux, DC Bus Voltage Control, and Self-Sensing For Flux Intensifying IPMSM C. Yu
2014-03 03 MS Improving the Magnetic Flux Linkage-Based Power Loss Model for an HEV Boost Converter M. Schutt
2014-04 04 MS Implementation and Evaluation of Non-Injection Based Flux Tracking Self-Sensing for SPMSMs from Zero to High Speeds Using a Voltage Sensor T. Graf
2014-05 05 MS Integration of GMR-Based Current Sensing for Closed Loop Inverter and Motor Control B. Dow
2014-06 06 MS Investigation of Loss Manipulation in Drives via Integration of Multi-level Inverters with Deadbeat, Direct Torque and Flux Control Y. Wang
2014-07 07 MS Self-Sensing Deadbeat Direct Torque and Flux Control for Surface Mount Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine H. Flieh
2014-08 08 PhD Investigation of the Role of Battery Resistance and Overpotential on Performance Models, Power Capability Prognostics, and Aging Behavior L. Juang
2014-09 09 MS Investigation of Loss Minimizing Stator Flux Trajectories for Dynamic Load Trajectories on Induction Machine under Deadbeat-Direct Torque & Flux Control Y. Shi
2014-10 10 PhD Topology, Modeling and Analysis of Bridge of Bridge DC-AC and AC-DC Power Converters J. Reed
2014-11 11 MS Investigation of Auto-Code Generation for Advanced Control of Drives and Power Electronics Shang-Chuan Lee
2014-12 12 MS Design and Analysis of Axial Flux Machine with Example Studies Ju Hyung Kim
2014-13 13 MS A Novel Single Phase Design of 3.3 kW, Very High Current Low Voltage DC-DC Converter for Application in Dual Voltage Architecture in Micro and Mild-hybrid Vehicles Anuradha Ogale
2014-14 14 MS Design and Practical Considerations of High-Speed Flux Switching Permanent Magnet Machines Silong Li
2014-15 15 PhD Coupled Electromagnetic/Thermal Machine Design Optimization Based on Finite Element Analysis using High-Throughput Computing Wenying Jiang
2014-16 16 MS A Novel Single Phase Design of 3.3 kW, Very High Current Low Voltage DC-DC Converter for Application in Dual Voltage Architecture in Micro and Mild-hybrid Vehicles Anuradha Ogale
2015-01 01 PhD A Methodology for Measuring Strain in Power Semiconductors S. Avery
2015-02 02 MS Physics-based Lithium-ion Battery Rate-of-Degradation Modeling and Analysis R. Zhao
2015-03 03 MS Investigation of Variable Leakage Flux (VLF) -IPM Machines From The Perspective of Reduced Driving Cycle Losses and Feasibility of High Frequency Injection Based Self-Sensing A. Athavale
2015-04 04 MS Injection-Based Self-Sensing with Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control for Surface-Mounted PM Synchronous Machines C. M. Bouxsein
2015-05 05 MS Analysis of Single Phase Matrix Converter on Wound Field Synchronous Machine J. Liu
2015-06 06 MS Busbar Current Sensing via Point Field Detector Array T. J. Brauhn
2015-07 07 PhD Winding Losses in High-Speed Machines using Form-Wound Windings W. Zhang
2015-08 08 PhD General Methodologies for Improving Motor Drive Precision in Order to Utilize It as an Embedded Application Sensor C. Secrest
2015-09 09 PhD Design of Multilevel Integrated Modular Motor Drive with Gallium Nitride Power Devices J. Wang
2015-10 10 PhD Development and Implementation of a Battery-Electric Light-Duty Class 2a Truck including Hybrid Energy Storage P. Kollmeyer
2015-11 11 PhD Module-Integrated Distributed Battery Energy Storage and Management System Y. Li
2015-12 12 PhD A Supersynchronous Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Option For Wind Turbine Application K. H. Shin
2015-13 13 MS Investigation of Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control (DB-DTFC) of Induction Machines using Back-EMF Tracking for Motion Self-Sensing Kang Wang
2015-14 14 PhD On the Design of Rare-Earth-Free and Reduced Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Machines for High-Performance Traction Applications James McFarland
2016-01 01 MS Portable Electrification Using Renewable Resources C. A. Cherry
2016-02 02 MS Single Current Sensor Considerations for Dead-beat Direct Torque and Flux Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines T. Sadilek
2016-03 03 MS MHz Frequency, Multi-kW, High Efficiency, Resonant Converter for 30-cm Gap Wireless Power Transfer C. Deng
2016-04 04 PhD Investigation Of Fault Modes In Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines For Traction Applications G. Choi
2016-05 05 PhD Design and Analysis of Switched-Capacitor Based Partial Power Architecture for Radio Frequency DC-DC Power Conversion with Gallium Nitride Power Devices J. Zhao
2016-06 06 MS Servo Control Of Linear Variable Reluctance Actuators Using Augmented Feedback Linearization R. K. Govindarajan
2016-07 07 MS Implementation, Evaluation and Improvement of High Frequency Injection (HFI) Self-Sensing Techniques on SPMSM with Slight Saliency Y. Xu
2016-08 08 PhD VF-PMSM Magnetization State Manipulation Trajectories Operating within Inverter Drive Limits to Achieve Load Cycle Energy Loss Reduction B. S. Gagas
2016-09 09 PhD Sensing Switching Power Semiconductor Junction Temperature Using Gate Drive Output Transient Properties H. Niu
2016-10 10 MS Investigation of back-EMF based Self-sensing for Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors at Zero-to-low Speed R. Zhou
2016-11 11 MS delta Tj Control of Switching Devices at Thermal Boundaries via Physics-Based Loss Manipulation T. A. Polom
2016-12 12 MS Evaluating Deadbeat Current Regulators for Induction Motor Drives B. E. Ayalew
2016-13 13 MS Investigation of In-Motor Magnetization Pattern Shaping Methodology in SPMs using Anisotropic Magnets T. Wu
2016-14 14 MS Evaluation of Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control on an Asymmetric Induction Machine Y. Xu
2016-15 15 PhD Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control Drives for High Power Applications Using Low Switching Frequency Multi-level Inverters Y. Wang
2016-16 16 PhD Investigation of Approaches for Improving the Performance and Fault Tolerance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives Using Current-Source Inverters Y. Zhang
2016-19 19 MS Design of a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor and Axial-Flow Compressor System Eric Schubert
2016-20 20 MS Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors in High-Switching Frequency Applications Woongkul Lee
2016-21 21 PhD Deadbeat Direct Torque and Flux Control Drives for High Power Applications using Low Switching Frequency Multi-level Inverters Yukai Wang
2017-01 01 MS Study of Stability and Power Quality of Grid-Connected Inverter for Vehicle-to-Grid Application W. Choi
2017-02 02 MS Performance Evaluation of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Devices in Hard Switched Converters Di Han
2017-03 03 MS Investigation and Comparison of Various Torque Modulators under Unmodeled Dynamics Narciso Marmolejo
2017-04 04 MS Enhancing Self-Sensing Estimation Accuracy Through the Use of Cross-Correlation Image Tracking Timothy Slininger
2017-05 05 PhD Temperature Effects on IPM Machines: Influence, Modeling, and Compensation Control Method for Automotive Applications Silong Li
2017-06 06 PhD Conducted Common Mode Electromagnetic Interference in Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices Based DC-Fed Motor Drives: Challenges and Solutions Di Han
2017-07 07 MS Investigation of PWM Methods to Avoid Simultaneous Switching Between Inverter Phases Sharing a Common DC Link Peter K. Meyer
2017-09 09 PhD Power Electronics Design for High Power Capacitive Power Transfer Jiejian Dai
2017-10 10 PhD Optimizing Use of Rare Earth Materials While Reducing Torque Ripple in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Zhentao Du
2017-11 11 PhD Low Pole Axial Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machines with Even Harmonic Elimination Capability Ju Hyung Kim
2017-12 12 MS Cooling design and thermal analysis for dual-stator 6-slot 4-pole flux-switching permanent magnet machine Mingda Liu
2017-14 14 PhD Conducted Common Mode Electromagnetic Interference in Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices Based DC-Fed Motor Drives: Challenges and Solutions Di Han
2018-01 01 PhD Distributed Control of Modular Multilevel Converter Hao Jiang
2018-02 02 PhD Topologies and Analysis of Capacitor Coupled DC-DC Converters Parikshith Channegowda
2018-03 03 PhD nvestigation of Hybrid Battery/Ultracapacitor Electrodes with Adjustable Energy Storage Properties Kevin Frankforter
2018-04 04 PhD Distributed Current-Regulated Vector Control of High-Performance Modular PM Synchronous Machine Drives Adam Shea
2018-05 05 PhD Foil Windings in Electric Machines Michael Rios
2018-06 06 MS 2-D Magnetoresistive Point Field Detector based Integrated Current Sensing in Power Electronics Muhammad Alvi
2018-07 07 PhD Synchronous Machine Field Excitation Utilizing a Single-Phase Matrix Converter Excited Rotary Transformer Jianyang Liu
2018-08 08 PhD VF-PMSMs for Reduced Driving Cycle Loss using Magnetization State Manipulation, Estimation and Control Apoorva Athavale
2018-09 09 PhD The Modeling, Design and Demonstration of Electrostatic Synchronous Machines Baoyun Ge
2018-10 10 PhD An Integrated Methodology for EV-oriented Lithium-ion Battery Rate-of-degradation Modeling and Region-based Control Ruxiu Zhao
2018-11 11 PhD Investigation of Parameter Estimation Methodologies for Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control of IMs using Back-EMF Tracking for Motion Self-Sensing Kang Wang
2019-01 01 PhD Multi-Physics Integration of Multivariable Sensing in Wide Bandgap Power Electronics Systems Minhao Sheng
2019-02 02 PhD Permanent Magnet Servo Motors Design for Dynamic Loss Minimization and Self-Sensing Control Huthaifa Flieh
2019-03 03 PhD DC-to-DC Converter Control Methodology to Improve Performance of Traction e-Drive Systems Hung-Yen Ou Yang
2019-04 04 PhD Cascaded Power Converters with Reduced Link Capacitors Mahima Gupta
2019-05 05 PhD Integration of Design and Control for Dynamic Loss Minimization of Induction Machine for Electric Vehicle Applications Yuying Shi
2019-06 06 PhD Integrated Inductors, Capacitors, and Damping in Bus Bars for dv/dt Filter Applications Andy Schroedermeier
2019-08 08 PhD Improving Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control and Self-Sensing in Induction Machines over a Wide Range of Operating Conditions Yang Xu
2019-09 09 PhD Bandwidth Selection of Deadbeat-Direct Torque and Flux Control with Back-EMF Self-Sensing and Loss Minimization Control for Industrial Drives Applications Shang-Chuan Lee
2019-10 10 PhD Power Electronics Integrated Heat Transfer Frequency Response Characterization and Degradation Sensing Timothy Polom
2019-11 11 MS 3D Printed Direct Winding Heat Exchangers for Improving the Thermal Management of Electric Machines Will Sixel
2019-12 12 PhD Fast and Systematic Design Optimization of Permanent Magnet Machines Using Novel 3-D Analytical Theories Seun Guy Min
2019-13 13 PhD On the High Torque Density Vernier Permanent Magnet Machines Utilizing an Alternating Rotor Leakage Flux Blocking Design Wenbo Liu
2019-14 14 PhD SPMSM HFI based Self-Sensing Utilizing Flux- Intensifying or Flux-Weakening Current to Create Inductive Saliency at Zero-to-Low Speed Ye gu Kang
2019-15 15 MS Digital Nonlinear Gopinath-Style Stator and Rotor Flux Observer without a Constant Speed Assumption for AC Induction Machines Austin Gaspar
2019-16 16 PhD An Integrated Capacitive Brushless Excitation System for Wound Field Synchronous Machines Using Low-Cost Printed Circuit Boards Skyler Hagen
2019-17 17 PhD Torque Modulation and Self-Sensing for Separately Excited Synchronous Electrostatic Machines Aditya Ghule
2020-01 01 PhD Enhancing Self-Sensing Estimation Accuracy Through Current Image Tracking Timothy Slininger
2020-02 02 PhD Impact of Inverter Control on the Dynamic Performance of Power Systems with High Penetration of Inverter-based Resources Dinesh Pattabiraman